What We Do

Klasse Production is a full-service for over two decades now video production and ad-films company based in Chennai. We have successfully executed video production assignments for major brands, ad agencies, Corporate Companies and small businesses nationwide.

We are one of the leading ad-film makers in Chennai, telling impactful stories for our clients across the spectrum; from manufacturing to services and from multinational companies to neighbor-hood retailers.

Work Process


The Power Of Digital Cinema

There is very different experience when you see a video on YouTube versus watching a movie in a theater. Klasse Production is one of very few Chennai ad production companies that embraces a traditional film approach. What that means is your creative content will have a visual aesthetic and emotional appeal that is superior to standard videos.


Emotional Storytelling

It’s a well-known fact that videos which convey emotional energy are much more successful than ones that convey facts. If you want your video to resonate with your target audience, you need to carefully consider what emotions you are trying to appeal to. The creative team at Klasse Production will work with you to map out a game plan for success with your messaging.


Sophisticated Production Technology

Cheap, inexpensive production gear will get you unfavorable results. We utilize some of finest production cameras, cinema-grade lenses, lighting techniques and audio recording methods available. If you want great results, you need sophisticated production technology. Since 1997, Klasse Production has been a leading Chennai ad production company that has been at the forefront of digital cinema technology.