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Video Production

Our Klasse Video Production team infuses the art of cinema into every project. We differentiate your brand, products or services in a distinct way that few others can match.

We’re a unique video production company that doesn’t just create standard videos. We develop content through a traditional theatrical approach. This focus provides you with a distinct marketing edge.

Klasse Production has delivered exceptional storytelling, creative technology, and ingenuity to the most celebrated brands.

Klasse Video Production Specialists don’t always shoot the video – that may be a job completed by the Video Editor or Videographer, but they generally have a background in shooting video, and experience with a camera, using recording equipment, managing the lighting for a shoot, and understand how to set up a video shoot. Ultimately, the goal of a Video Production Specialist is to create video content that can help a company promote or sell its brand, product, and/or services.

Corporate Videos

High-quality, cost-effective videos for your business. Video is the most powerful medium on the planet – and if you’re in business, corporate video production is your ticket to making it happen. Corporate videos often have a pesky reputation for being ‘boring’, but they can actually be some of the most compelling videos you’ll see online, with the power not only to inform, but also to educate, entertain and inspire viewers to heed your call to action.

Klasse Production - Ad Flim and video production in Kilpak, Chennai.

Klasse Production’s all-in-one solution enables your brand to make corporate videos and get the most out of every message you’re communicating, whether it’s a CEO update, product trainings, an event hype reel, onboarding materials or a case study. We help scale your videos so your organisation can deliver the speed and volume your audience craves, without sacrificing content excellence.

Tv and Theatre Release

The date a new movie is entered into the theater distribution system for public viewing. Alternate formats of the movie, such as DVDs, Blu-ray discs and video-on-demand, are scheduled for distribution a set number of weeks or months after the theatrical release.

Klasse Production - Ad Flim and video production in Kilpak, Chennai.